RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems




RealTime-CTMS is designed to provide quick and easy access to study or subject information utilizing simple and intuitive navigation. In most cases, needed information is only a few clicks away. RealTime-CTMS will guide you from study start-up to study close-out, and everything in between.

Easy access to subject or study information

Easy access to subject or study information RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems

Easy access to subject or study information

Simple navigation RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Simple navigation

Assisting in study start up RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Assisting in study start up

Tools for entire study duration RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Tools for entire study duration




ACCOUNTING AND BUDGETING RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Track revenue, costs and profitability.
  • Build your budget templates according to the study event schedule.
  • Create invoices to sponsors for completed/ monitored visits or other study revenue items as needed.
PATIENT DATABASE MANAGEMENT RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • RealTime’s easy navigation allows all users to run searches within the system based on multiple criterion: Age, Gender, BMI, Inclusive/Exclusive Medical Conditions, Inclusive/Exclusive Medications.
  • At the click of a button, send an email to the subjects matching your search criterion
  • Makes filling out feasibility questionnaires easy
  • Export lists to Excel with the click of a button
CALENDAR FEATURES RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Easily schedule study specific visits. View calendars based on individuals, teams, investigators, or the entire company.
  • Invite additional team members to your study appointments.
PATIENT RECRUITMENT RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Input accurate and full medical histories directly into the software before and/or during patient visits.
  • Run a search within the database to identify potential subjects for a new study.
  • Contact those subjects immediately via email, or print a call sheet.
REPORTS RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Create your own prescreening logs so you can stop filling them out by hand.
  • Compare financial data by coordinator, investigator or entire company.
  • Ensure patient recruitment is on time and within budget with multiple reports specifically for recruitment.
  • Track advertising budgets and effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Financial study reports show study earning costs and profitability.
MY TASKS RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Keep track of upcoming and overdue visits.
  • Be aware of pending subject recruitment activities.
  • Easily capture progress notes for each subject.
  • Patient information captured:
    • Demographics
    • Contact Information
    • Medical Conditions
    • Medications
    • Drug Allergies
    • Emergency Contact
UPLOAD STUDY DOCUMENTS RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Upload all study related documents and access them with ease.
  • RealTime is a web based system and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, so ideally you can read your protocol on vacation or access an ICF from another office if you forgot to print one for your visit.
SECURE HOSTING OPTIONS RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software


  • Professional data centers ensure that your data is secure.
  • HIPAA compliant subject information storage.
  • Enterprise class data encryption and user log-in security.


You don’t have to feel stuck with your current CTMS. RealTime-CTMS has experience transferring customer data over from other CTMS systems. We can easily transfer all of your site’s patient data, study information, study visits, appointments and financial data.

data transfer RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems

There are many different ways to go about the data transfer process and each customer has different needs. Do you want to continue working in your current system one day, and then start working in RealTime-CTMS the next? No problem. We will work with you to contact your current provider to get the data file in an acceptable format. Depending on your needs, we can even do a ‘test’ data transfer to make sure that you are happy with the results, prior to doing a final transfer.

Once you are running in RealTime-CTMS and your data is transferred, our support team will train your staff and will be available through the entire process to ensure that your site is running smoothly and efficiently.


RealTime-CTMS eSOURCE clinical trials studies
eSOURCE has more features, greater scalability, and CTMS integration, all at an affordable price.
edocs RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software
Go paperless with the first CTMS-integrated eRegulatory documentation solution
text RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software
Automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders to all your patients
sitepay RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software
Pay stipends instantly with this fully integrated payment system, save time and money

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Since using RealTime-TEXT, my subject no show rate has been cut in half. It makes rescheduling visits much easier for both me and my subjects. It provides a quicker and easier way to communicate with my subjects, rather than waiting for a phone call.

We switched to RealTime because it’s much more user friendly than some of the other systems out in the market. RealTime is cost effective, practical, it tracks all study related activity, stores our patient database, has the ability to upload forms and track financial activity – most importantly, we finally have a system that our coordinators like and use!

RealTime-CTMS allows our site to effectively manage our clinical studies from start to finish. The system is completely customizable and user-friendly. We are able to track appointments, recruitment, enrollment and completion with just a few clicks of the mouse. This system has enabled our sites to effectively manage our costs directly related to each clinical study. Two examples: we are able to analyze our advertising budget to determine which sources of promotion are providing referrals for screening appointments and we are able to effectively track the study revenue chain as it relates to visits, monitoring and invoicing. RealTime has truly become a clinical and financial asset to our organization.

Our site has been utilizing RealTime for approximately 5 years and it has been instrumental to our overall growth, including expansion to multiple locations.  Not only does the software serve as a trial management system, it also includes patient appointment reminders via text messages, an electronic regulatory system and a stipend payment system. Additionally, the system is fully integrated with our company website. As a site director, I find the system is a must have.  Additionally, it is invaluable for study payment accountability and invoicing. RealTime is our site’s go to CTMS!

I have used two other systems and like RealTime best. I love RealTime because it is so intuitive and has a wealth of information at my fingertips.

Great System!  I work with RealTime on multiple platforms and they are fantastic! The platforms are very user-friendly and easy to use.

1. System is user friendly to the point of being intuitive
2. Service is first rate … accessible and knowledgeable
3. RT is clearly run by folks with research site level experience rather than IT folks.

Couldn’t survive without it!  RealTime is essential to the running of our clinic. From recruitment to tracking study progress, and now with eDOCS and TEXT. On top of all this, the customer support is fantastic.  RealTime is the way a CTMS should be done.

Great Software & Support!  Great support team!  Easy to use and love it!

BEST CTMS OUT THERE! This system is so user-friendly.  This is the best system available no matter what your size is. It has paid for itself over and over. This system was created by a site and it shows! Don’t make my mistake and choose a less expensive system first because trust me doing it right from the beginning would have been much easier.

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